miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009


And this is the last day of the 7 days :D

Today... I'm so tired.. I think I'll go to sleep so early; but first I' have to put the photo!

This is!

Here I am! xDD working so hard.... so.. hard! jajajaja xD


martes, 3 de marzo de 2009



Today I'm so happy because of a History exam, I think that I'll get a good mark! and so far, I haven't failed any exam. :D

This is the photo for today!

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


I think this is the worst day in the week... because you've to take the boring routin again...

In addition!, in our "PERFECT" institute, we've to go there in the afternoon as well, every monday and every tuesday... but it doesn't matter! xD

So, there is the monday's photo; it has had taken by me, in our classroom there are people so... formal... xDD

domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Saturday and Sunday

I would like to know why I can't remember the thinks that I did this weekend.... xDD

See you on Monday!!